Fight Impotence by Keeping a Healthy Cardiovascular System

Impotence is a difficult problem to live with, however, the reason for this condition is often because of a much more serious problem. Studies have revealed that men over 40 who complain of persistent inability to achieve or sustain an erection during sex are often suffering from cardiovascular disease. Indeed, there is increasing evidence that erectile dysfunction is result of heart disease. Other causes of impotence are smoking and high blood pressure. Some people believe that the male reproductive organ can give an indication of the body’s health. This is because studies on male impotence have found that a man with an active sex life has a relatively healthy cardiovascular system. However, failing to have healthy erections during sex undoubtedly indicates that you need to seek immediate medical advice before any condition becoming worse.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile DysfunctionImpotence or erectile dysfunction as it is medically referred to, is a condition in which a man is incapable of achieving or maintaining an erection and was once considered primarily a psychological problem. When this condition affects men in their 20s and 30s, psychological problems are often responsible for it, however, in cases of men aged over 40, the main cause of impotence is almost always vascular. The same problem that prevents arteries from receiving sufficient blood can also lead to heart attacks and strokes. The primary cause of male impotence is the constriction of blood vessels which can be caused by smoking, elevated cholesterol, inflammation and high blood pressure. It is noteworthy to mention that penile arteries are one-third the size of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart. Penile arteries when constricted even a small amount can have a noticeable effect in the quality of an erection during sexual stimulation. In fact, the erection achieved is often not hard enough to penetrate the female sexual organ during intercourse.

How to Improve the Quality of an Erection

The best way to deal with erection problems is to keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control. Several studies have shown that stepping up physical activity to shed a few pounds may also help to improve erections. This is because exercise helps open up blood vessels, which results in sufficient supply of blood to the penis.


The next approach involves following a healthy diet containing fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish as this may help lower vascular inflammation and prevent fat accumulation. Despite the many health benefits associated with physical exercise and proper diet, only a very few men experiencing ED choose to adopt a change in lifestyle. However, thanks to pharmaceutical companies that have undergone a revolution in the treatment of male impotence with new and effective pharmacy products, this distressing problem can now be successfully treated. These medications are proven anti-impotence products and their reported side effects are almost always extremely minor., for instance, is a widely recommended medication that is tested to inhibit the breakdown of the chemical that causes blood vessels in the male sexual organ to dilate. This enables the chemical to accumulate, which in turn causes an erection. The effect of this medication takes only 20-30 minutes to show if a person is sexually stimulated and allows him to enjoy sex with full gratification. So, a subtle change in your lifestyle and prompt consultation with your doctor if you are experiencing flagging erections, can help you fight impotence and ensure harder erections during stimulation.


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